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Deliveries are done on a regular basis to countries as Belgium, Germany, UK, France. 
Also people from Japan, Canada and the USA are regular visitors to our webshop.

A lot of you guys (and girls) are returning customers and we'd like to keep it this way.
To thank you guys for your support we have added a few discounts to our webshop:

1) 17% on all orders > EUR 100, will be calculated automaticly in the shoppingcart.
2) free stuff section, for each EUR 10,- final order value you can choose one of these for free!!

check out our own releases on WTF Records:

WTF-023: Spider Crew - Sounds Of Hatred CD Digipack [15-sept-2017]
WTF-022: Scarboro - Here Comes The Hangover CD [2017]
WTF-021: CHEECH - Old Friends 7" [2017]
WTF-020: Live Life - You People Make Me Sick CD [2017] 
WTF-019: Superhero Status - St 7"  [2017]
WTF-018: Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation - Knock-Turn-All MCD Digipack+10" vinyl [2015]
WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD [2015] 
WTF-016: The Obnoxious - Beware Of The Dogs CD Digipack + LP [2015]
WTF-015: Hard Resistance - 1994 Retrospective 2014 2CD Digipack [2015]
WTF-014: Spider Crew - Too Old To Die Young MCD [2014]
WTF-013: CHEECH - Beast From The East CD Digipack [2013]
WTF-012: Only Attitude Counts - 20 Years Of Attitude 2CD Digipack [2013]
WTF-011: Olde York - Shallow world CD [21-sept-2012]
WTF-010: Human Demise - Of Wicked Men And Their Devices CD [2012]
WTF-009: Still Screaming - Stick At Nothing MCD [2011]
WTF-008: Spider Crew - Still Crazy But Not Insane CD [2011]
WTF-007: Bulldog Courage - From Heartache To Hatred CD [2010]
WTF-006: Human Demise - The Odditorium CD Digipack [2009]
WTF-005: Still Screaming - From The Ashes Of A Dead Time CD Digipack [2009]
WTF-004: Still Screaming - Reality Aint The Truth 7" color gatefold [2009]
WTF-003: Human Demise / Worth The Pain split 7" ltd color [2009] 
WTF-002: All For Nothing - Solitary MCD Digipack [2008]
WTF-001: Black Cloud Halo - Born Under A Bad Sign CD Deluxe Slipcase [2007]

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