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Alcatraz - Smile Now Cry Later CD

CD 2012

Alcatraz - Smile Now Cry Later CD

After releasing a CDep and split with Berlin, Germany's Final Prayer as well as completing tours of South American and Europe, San Francisco, CA's Alcatraz present their debut full-length, a fast, hard-hitting and raucous affair that takes its cues from bands like Death Threat, Integrity, Ringworm, Hoods and Buried Alive. Members cut their teeth in Bay Area bands like First Blood, Embrace The End, Execution Style, Allegiance, In Memoriam, Set Your Goals and Breaker Breaker. This full-length also contains their long sold out demo tape. 

1. Get Fucked 
2. Some Still Believe 
3. Fuck Off And Die 
4. Coward With A 'C' 
5. Underrated Overhated 
6. Few Against Many 
7. The Pound 
8. The Bridge 
9. Decision Time 
10. Smile Now Cry Later
11. It All Comes Down To This 
12. The Tie That Binds 
13. Seize The Day 
14. Gutter Rats 
15. Intro 
16. Shit Happens 
17. Strength And Honor 
18. This Is What You Get 
19. Sucka Free 
20. Own The Show

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