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Angelskin - I Line Dance Where The Fuck I Want CD

CD 2010

Angelskin - I Line Dance Where The Fuck I Want CD

Two years after releasing their demo, ANGELSKIN are proud to present their first full album: "I Line Dance Wherever The Fuck I Want" CD !
The six-piece unit from Belgium has finished a bomb of energy holding a mixture of angry hardcore, technical metal and a good shot of fun, ready to blow your panties off!
Growling guitars bursting out riff after riff, drums raging from blast beats to breakdowns without even having the time to stop for a coffee break. Lyrics exposing and criticizing the struggle, injustice and pain of everyday life. A point of view with thoughts which are built upon a foundation of logic & reason, as in the way these young men were brought up.
Under the wings of producer Sven "Svenchi" Janssens and his Red Left Hand Studio, ANGELSKIN have made something truly unique within the metalcore genre. Be sure to pick it up!
Mastered by Nicolas Declève !

1 - Kilimanjaro Happiness
2 - Catatonic Heartache
3 - Please Don't Touch Me You Filthy Priest
4 - Hitchhiking From Alcatraz
5 - Raw Steak And Ceasar Salad
6 - Interludium
7 - Dear Diarrhea
8 - Stray Dogs
9 - Fancy Business
10- Melt The Skin, Quench The Blood
11- Five Dollar Love

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