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Vinyl 10" + 12"

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Backfire! - Rebel For Life LP color: Blue

LP 2015 Strangth Records SR015

Backfire! - Rebel For Life LP  color: Blue

Here they are, straight outta M-Town… BACKFIRE!, without a doubt the hardcore band ‘outta’ The Netherlands and still going strong until this very day! Expect brand new material from BACKFIRE! in the near future through STRENGTH RECORDS, but first we are proud to present you the reissue of BACKFIRE!’s debut album “REBEL 4 LIFE” for the first time ever available on vinyl again since 1997!

On “REBEL 4 LIFE” you will find classic after classic, we just had to make this album part of our “Dutch Hardcore Classics” series! Originally released on CD in 1996 (and a year later on picture disc vinyl) through Lost & Found Records “REBEL 4 LIFE” still stands its ground until this very day, a true must-have for anyone into the classic “eurocore” sound! Tonight is rebel night!

200 copies, black vinyl 
100 copies, blue vinyl
17 testpressings, white label, black vinyl

Side A 
01. Not Impressed 
02. 20 G’s 
03. Who Told You Life Is Easy? 
04. The Stakes Are Too High 
05. Straight Outta M-Town 
06. Strife 
07. One By One 

Side B 
08. No Time To Forgive 
09. Lifestyle 
10. True Romance?? 
11. When Will It End? 
12. Trouble 
13. Hate 
14. Blue Fascism

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