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Blacklisted - The beat goes on CD

CD 2005

Blacklisted - The beat goes on CD

The beat goes on...Whether it's with their infectious mosh parts, hardcore urgency, or uniquely powerful lyrics, the true grit of BLACKLISTED will move you unlike any other present day hardcore band. BLACKLISTED pick up the torch that contemporary legends AMERICAN NIGHTMARE once proudly carried. Merging a violence, honesty, and emotional outpouring into one untamable and inspiring hardcore machine. Comprised of 13 contemporary hardcore anthems, "...The Beat Goes On" celebrates the triumph, underdog determination, and real struggle that is undeniably Philadelphia by definition. Proving once again that BLACKLISTED are a true hardcore beacon and beating heart. A symbol of strength and hope for this cold and unforgiving world. For fans of: AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, COMEBACK KID, TERROR.

1) Tourist
2) Wolves at my door
3) Bruising Serenade
4) I Refuse
5) Life moves on
6) Whats wrong with George?
7) Old friend
8) Brightest son
9) How quickly we forget
10) Do you feel?
11) Comming clean
12) Good grief
13) Mother Theresa

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