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Bleeding Through - The Complete Truth CD + DVD


Bleeding Through - The Complete Truth CD + DVD

Through's "The Truth" is a trend-proof middle finger toward the glut of over-saturation that threatens to destroy a scene this band helped to build. Now Trustkill brings you "The Complete Truth." This deluxe version contains the full album "The Truth," unreleased bonus songs, and a DVD of a full live show professionally filmed on tour with Marilyn Manson and Slayer in the summer of 2007.

tracklist CD
1. For Love And Failing 
2. Confession 
3. Love In Slow Motion 
4. The Painkiller 
5. Kill To Believe 
6. Dearly Demented 
7. Line In The Sand 
8. She's Gone 
9. Tragedy Of Empty Streets
10. Return To Sender 
11. Hollywood Prison 
12. The Truth 
13. One Last Second (previously unreleased/bonus track) 
14. Fall On Proverb (previously unreleased/bonus track) 
15. 13 Scars (previously unreleased/bonus track) 
16. My War (previously unreleased/bonus track) 
17. Line In The Sand (Scrap 60 remix) (previously unreleased/bonus track)

Bonus DVD:
1) For Love And Failing
2) Tragedy Of Empty Streets
3) Love In Slow Motion
4) Revenge I Seek
5) The Painkiller
6) Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire
7) Kill To Believe

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