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Blood Redemption - St MCD

MCD 2005 Genet Records

Blood Redemption - St MCD

With their roots in the H8000 hardcore scene, BLOOD REDEMPTION take the melodic, groovy, 
hard hitting metalcore the members former bands were known for, to the next level. Creating and 
searching for new and original music is the band’s main goal. Being influenced (in the 90’s by the 
great straight-edge/hardcore revolution with bands like JUDGE, GORILLA BISCUITS (…) to 
CRO-MAGS, NEUROSIS (…), but also being blown away by metal bands such as MACHINE 
HEAD, IN FLAMES, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE (…) the end result is a great mixture of all of those 
influences. But also H8000 heroes such as CONGRESS, BLINDFOLD, LIAR, SHORTSIGHT with 
their commitment and energy, morals and ideas and obviously their great music surely played an 
important role in BLOOD REDEMPTION’s development

1) Choices
2) Life Long Regret
3) Human Nature
4) This Love
5) Hoax

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