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Vinyl 10" + 12"

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Bloodattack - Alphakiller LP

LP 2013 Bastardized Recordings

Bloodattack - Alphakiller LP

Bloodattack with their 3rd album "alphakiller" - after their last split 7inch "lazarus" with "alcatraz"- 9 brandnew songs recorded in january @ the Noiseschmiede Studios. Harsh, cold, brutal sound filled with angry Punk-Rock-Energy and a snotty, hammerblasting sound. this kind of music hasn´t been there before in this kind of style - Bloodattack shows us what it means to be pissed off and puke it out straight in your face. fast fucked-up hardcore-action that remains us on Integrity, Ringworm or Eatharsis with englisch and german lyrics. this is more than music - this is the Embodyment of Shit - an ugly, raging, unaesthetic giant filled with pure waste and aggression. "ALPHAKILLER" is not made for fans of clean-produced Metalcore with empty lyrics and disco-suitable singalongs. "alphakiller" is ugly as sin.

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