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Come Get Some - Time To Man Up MCD

MCD 2015

Come Get Some - Time To Man Up MCD

Old school in-your-face hardcore with Ad from the band Moker on vokillz !   
For fans of Surge of Fury, Ryker's, Irate.

Tracklisting : 
1 Fight For Life
2 Gambling
3 Main Jail
4 The suicide Solution
5 Sell Out Rat
6 Fighter = Survivor
7 Come Get Some

Come Get Some -Sel Out Rat-

New video: Come Get Some -Sell Out Rat-Come Get Some = in your face oldschoolhardcore with beatdown breakdownsAd De Wachter : Moker, Dead Men WalkingKenneth Keysers : Moker, Serial Butcher & SteengruisDavide Mazzarella : ex DeathrowTaken from the cd: Time to man up! 1 Fight For Life2 Gambling3 Main Jail4 The Suicide Solution5 Sell Out Rat6 Fighter = Survivor7 Come Get SomeFor fans of Warzone, Death Threat, Slapshot, Madball, Killing Time, AF, Sick Of It All, Breakdown, Biohazard, Ryker's, Irate, Blood For Blood, Backfire, No Turning Back, Kill Your Idols, Cro-Mags, Suicidal Tendencies & Surge Of Fury = Back To Basics!GreetzCGS

Posted by Come Get Some on zondag 5 juli 2015

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