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Crushing Caspars - Back To The Roots CD

CD 2010

Crushing Caspars - Back To The Roots CD

“Crushing Caspars” is a hardcore band from Rostock in northern Germany. Influenced by their favourite bands like Motörhead, Suicidal Tendencies, S.O.I.A., Blood For Blood and Gorilla Biscuits they play a hard mix of Oldschool Hardcore, Punkrock and screaming Rock’n’Roll they stay in their tradition and call it Baltic Sea Hardcore. 

01. Killing
02. Failed 
03. Terror and Pain 
04. Jokers Jumping 
05. Swallow Reality 
06. Information Overload 
07. Trust Me 
08. What we know 
09. Pig 
10. E.S.D. 
11. Blind 
12. Trust Me 
13. Not a Loss 
14. Play with Fire 
15. Hatred 
16. Little M.F. 
17. Halt mich Fest 

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