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Dead Stop - Done With You CD (Complete Control version)

CD 2004 Complete Control Records CCR01

Dead Stop - Done With You CD (Complete Control version)

Absolutely fierce, in your face hardcore reminiscent of early Agnostic Front, Negative Approach and even a little Cro-Mags. This is no bullshit fast hardcore punk at its best - catchy tunes, powerful vocals and top-notch production

1. Kiss My Ass 
2. All I Can Take 
3. Done With You 
4. Nothing New 
5. Who's To Blame 
6. In Command 
7. Rather Be Nothing 
8. Iendtro
9. Dead Alive 
10. Dead Alive 
11. Dead End Path 
12. Turn Off The Lights 
13. What You Say 
14. Erase 
15. Enough 
16. Drag Me Down

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