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Deathskulls - The Real Deal II CD

CD 2013 Rucktion Records

Deathskulls - The Real Deal II CD

New Deathskulls album out now on Rucktion!
Fresh new tracks and lineup, oi hardcore & punk, something for everyone!

1. All We Kno 
2. Coppin' Out 
3. Tippin' Point 
4. Grow A Pair Of Nuts 
5. This One's For You 
6. The Building Game Is Pony 
7. White Bastards 
8. Fucked Up Again 
9. U Bore The Shit Outta Me 
10. Street Credentials 
11. The Grumble Is Free 
12. Tinz 
13. Vicious Circle 
14. Too Many Chiefs 
15. Yr Tough Shit

EUR 11.95

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