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Discipline - Downfall Of The Working Man CD

CD 2006

Discipline - Downfall Of The Working Man CD

Holland's DISCIPLINE is one of the most visible street punk/oi bands in the world. Mixing the sounds and spirit of old British Oi!, classic punk, traditional hardcore, and American rock n roll, Discipline have honed a sound that is magnetic and true to life. Discipline are full on working class hooligans that proudly tell the tale of the working man through their music. For Fans Of: DROPKICK MURPHYS, SOCIAL DISTORTION, COCK SPARRER, THE BUSINESS.

1. Belief 
2. Dowfall Of The Working Man 
3. Strength To Live 
4. Hell Is For Heroes 
5. Boys Will Be Boys 
6. Road To Freedom
7. Red & White Army 
8. No Surrender 
9. When I'm Dancing I Ain't Fighin' 
10. End Of The Road 
11. From Vengeance To Victory 
12. Words Out Of Life

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