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Drain Life - A Prospect Of Despair CD

CD 2009

Drain Life - A Prospect Of Despair CD

Drain Life plays brutal Death / Thrash Metal riffs with midd tempo Metalcore beatdowns and triplets, phat mosh parts and Hardcore breakdowns, but keeping an open mind to all kinds of music including Norwegian Black Metal from the 90's, the Bay Area Thrash from the 80's to the New Wave of American Metal sound of today.
For Fans Of: All Out War, Merauder, Arkangel, Sworn Enemy and Shattered Realm

01. The entrance to despair 
02. Create to Destroy 
03. A sign of absence 
04. Closure 
05. Facing faded solutions 
06. Through the hourglass 
07. Numb 
08. Hope dies last 
09. Unseen Sight 
10. Drowning in agony 
11. Tradition of Ignorance

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