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Vinyl 7"

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Eaten Alive - ST 7" green+black vinyl

7" 2006

Eaten Alive - ST 7

Unstable, pissed off, and on the verge of total meltdown, Eaten Alive hail from the outer region of Southern California, also know as the Inland Empire. With a style in the vein of early Antidote, Shark Attack, and Negative Approach (while drawing on influences from Infest, Black Flag, and Cocksparrer), Eaten Alive put together a fury of noise and sound that's a brand all their own - their tribute to the fierceness of hardcore and punk rock from yesteryear.

1. Bloodbath 
2. Eat Your Face 
3. Skate Tonight! 
4. Pointing Fingers 
5. Outside, Looking In
6. Spread Of Disease 
7. Die Die Die 
8. Work Sucks! 
9. Bury Yourself

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