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End Of Statement - The Testament CD

CD 2006 [import Japan]

End Of Statement - The Testament CD

Awesome SLAYtanic XXX Vegan XXX Straight Edge Metal Mosh Core from Japan. These guys really celebrate the good old Edge Metal Fury very famous in the late 90´s with great bands like UNBORN, DAY OF SUFFERING, PURIFICATION and SLAVEARC. So, if you hail those bands or modern stuff a la CHEREM, PURIFIED IN BLOOD or CAST FROM EDEN, give this band a chance. 

01.Perish (Feat.Knight of The Ten Commandments)
02.Screams Of Sentient (Feat.Veron of CRYSTAL LAKE)
03.Blood Mission (Feat.Masa of GOD'S HERITAGE)
04.Foundation Is Burning (Feat.G-hoodrum of THE FORTRESS)
05.Poison Of Sea (Feat.Axe the Bull of UNBOY)
06.Vengeance Will Come (Feat.Ironman of SHIVER)
07.King From North Area (Feat.hellbyrd EXTINGUISH THE FIRE)
08.Vigilance (Feat.OSA of CANOPUS)
09.Seeds Of Sorrow (Feat.Daihei of CLEAVE)
10.168Legacy(urban legend remix)(Feat.Messiah Org)

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