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Endwell - Consequences CD

CD 2009

Endwell - Consequences CD

Brooklyn, NY's Endwell return with a more aggressive sound. Fueled by a turmoil filled year, "Consequences" is brought to light with brutal music and darker lyrics. For fans of American Nightmare, Emmure and Poison The Well.

1. Consequences 
2. Weed Out The Weak 
3. Such Great Depths 
4. Promises Wept 
5. Mike Tyson 
6. The Bridge: Blues Man's Cross Roads 
7. Avoidant: Ghost Will Haunt 
8. John Doe
9. Whatever Distance: Fear Prudence 
10. Welcome Inferno: Wrathful And Sullen 
11. Glaciers: 10/21/03 
12. Rise And Fail: The Lesser Key Of Solomon 
13. Living Through Losses: 2/30/01 
14. As Low As Alife Can Get: Jumping The Shark 
15. Encounters At The End Of The World: Stars

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