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Everybody's Enemy - La Noche De Los Enemigos CD

CD 2011

Everybody's Enemy - La Noche De Los Enemigos CD

verybody’s Enemy is a steadfast five-piece-unit of old school hardcore survivalists who banded together across the pacific for over a decade. 
United by an irrevocable appreciation of early 80's hardcore these Japanese and Canadian natives met in the underground networks of the Tokyo hardcore punk scene back in 2000. 
Since this time the band has built a steady following by busting out a consistent backlog of catchy hardcore anthems and increasingly crazy live shows. 
After various tours in South East Asia, Everybody’s Enemy released a world-wide discography CD containing 42 songs. 
If the 42 track discography wasn’t enough for you (though we couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t have been) then prepare yourselves for Everybody’s Enemy’s (cough) third album! 
Locked away in the studio for the past months, the band has united yet again to conceive another set of anthems you’ll be swinging your head to on the last den en toshi local.

1         First Blood
2         Nightmare
3         Rain City
4         Negative Hardcore
5         Batik Trash Attack
6         It’s All The Same
7         Tes Yeux Noirs
8         Fuck Your Scene
9         Life’s A Bitch
10         Ice Cucumber
11         Donde Esta La Salida?

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