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Fallbrawl - Cold World CD

CD 2008 [On The Attack Records USA]

Fallbrawl - Cold World CD

Finally Ruhrpott´s best keep secret is back with their bonecrushing debut full-length. And FBS know how to combine brutal metalllic Mosh with more old flavoured Hardcore, all loaded with plenty of breakdowns and gangvocals. Mix up SHATTERED REALM, NO RETREAT, NASTY and EMBRACED BY HATRED and you will get a picture what to get on this silver disc. 

01. Intro
02. Fallbrawl
03. Blind Existence
04. Bury The Past
05. What You Got Now (feat. Chris / Clobberin Time)
06. Break Out
07. Cold World
08. One Life One Chance
09. Memories Will Remain

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