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Firezone - Welcome To The Firezone MCD

MCD 2011

Firezone - Welcome To The Firezone MCD

Firezone is a five piece, crossover metal band from the south of the Netherlands, operating in the Maastricht area. The band consists of (ex-) members of Pikkatrillaz, Downshot, Soundmaze, Out Of Reverse and Seven Ends among others.Second pressing and regular edition of the debut Welcome to the Firezone EP, limited to 500 copies. Five killer tracks + one bonus surprise. Guest appearances by Ché Snelting (ex-Born From Pain/ Arma Gathas) and Pascal BLUTS Beek (ex-Pikkatrillaz).

1) Social Pathology
2) Balcony Of Terror
3) Part By Part
4) Wake Up
5) Westerling

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