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Human Demise - The Odditorium CD Digipack

CD 2009 WTF Records WTF-006

Human Demise - The Odditorium CD Digipack

A New Episode Of Crushing Bile Spitting Hardcore With Dark Metallic Twists
After the split 7" with ‘Worth The Pain’ from Finland Human Demise is back on the battlefield with this much awaited full length release. 
This is far from over; Human Demise will bring you Hell on stage!!!!!
For Fans Of: Ringworm, Integrity, Pulling Teeth and Holy Terror Hardcore 

1) Novum Aevum 
2) Born/Unborn 
3) Brutiful End 
4) Drowning In Sludge 
5) Apocalypse Manmade  
6) 5x2 
7) Desolate Screams 
8) Humanity's Downfall 
9) Fall Of Man 
10) Bad Blood  
11) Mass Monologue 
12) Damocles

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