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Human Demise - Whitechapel Demise MCD

MCD 2005

Human Demise - Whitechapel Demise MCD

Last year’s demo got great reviews, so expectations were already set pretty high for the new release “Whitechapel Demise”. So what does Human Demise do? They turn it into a theme-MCD about Jack the Ripper! The artwork expresses the view on the Whitechapel area in London from the viewpoint of a murder victim that’s bleeding to death in the gutter and the musical trilogy “The Observer”, “Mary Ann’s Verse” (named after Mary Ann Nichols, one of Jack the Ripper’s victims) and the title track “Whitechapel Demise” describes the anxious atmosphere of those days and the social downfall of Whitechapel because of the infamous murders. The heavy Clevo-style that Human Demise managed to make their own has been explored extensively on this release and in order to do that it helps a lot that the band added another guitarist to the line-up. Singer Maurice once again screams his guts out and the cool thing is that at their live shows he also manages to do this, unlike a lot of singers who only sound hard on record. The lyrics have grown a lot too since last year, just like the musical element has, so Human Demise is still growing like hell. Because of their ongoing growth and the experience that the band members have gained, “Whitechapel Demise” turned out to be a fine release for anyone who likes dark hardcore with a Clevo-edge.

1) Chambers of Hell
2) Only worth in bits
3) You sicken me
4) The Observer
5) Mary Ann's Verse
6) Whitechapel Demise
7) Like Insects

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