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I Reject - When push comes to shove CD

CD 2005

I Reject - When push comes to shove CD

the second full length from I Reject is still about plying hard as nales oldschool harcore and shows some Cro-Mags influences as you can hear in “Now I Decide” and “Destination Unknown” and by doing that the band sounds better than ever before. Still it’s easy to recognise these songs as I-Reject, although Sander really sings in “What’s Going On” and you can also find some midtempo parts on the album for a change. 

1) Now I decide
2) When push comes to shove
3) It wouldn't last
4) Fake Deals
5) Destination Unknown
6) This story ends
7) Out on a dare
8) Whats going on
9) Bitch
10) Twisted lust
11) Rebel yell

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