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Ichor - Depths CD

CD 2014 Bastardized Recordings

Ichor - Depths CD

The earth is destroyed and mankind escapes into the depth of the sea. But the struggle for survival never ends and so new societies, the obsession for authority, anger and passion continue to exist. It's a story inspired by the deep sea which ICHOR use on "Depths" to mesmerize their listeners and fans. The band has entered the famous Hertz Studios in Bia?ystok/Poland to record their new album - a studio which is also responsible for albums of bands like Behemoth, Decapitated and Vader. ICHOR also recorded their last album Benthic Horizion there and underlined with the renewed choice their affinity to the strong and brutal sound that makes this studio so famous. ICHOR have recorded an album that unites all musical USPs of this band: American death metal-oriented guitar riffs on compact drumming, occasionally broken by mid-tempo passages and some Black Metal -Parts, but always energetic and on the highest technical level. In elegiac and all-crushing blast beat outbreaks ICHOR dive into the deep sea and take the listener on a journey through an audiophile apocalyptic fantasy story.

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