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Joe Frustration - No Way Out CD

CD 2007 Plague Within Records PW001

Joe Frustration - No Way Out CD

Brilliant debut album of the ex-singer of New Jersey hardcore legends Tears Of Frustration and Across The Hudson, contains 17 tracks of solid old school hardcore with touching personal lyrics, airing his frustration and anger at the world, no holds barred. Impressive!! 

1) Hold your breath
2) Can't win
3) Just one day
4) No way out
5) Nothing to cherish
6) Still in the game
7) What the fuck?
8) I thought I 
9) Timebomb
10) Waste away
11) Dissocialize
12) I don't know
13) The reason why
14) Life's death
15) I won't change
16) The workers come first
17) Blue pride

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