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Kingston Falls - The Crescendo Of Sirens CD

CD 2006

Kingston Falls - The Crescendo Of Sirens CD

In the fall of 2003 Kingston Falls formed with the idea of adding their orchestrated Pop/Metal influence into the everyday hardcore scene. Fighting against the ever so common "rock star" attitude and songs about heartache that is found in today's music scene, Kingston Falls wants to put passion for music back into the scene with their aggressive, brutal live shows, and lyrics about serious subject matter. Driven by an unstoppable desire to tour and perform, Kingston Falls wants to play shows that encourage unity and fun instead of cliques, and attitudes amongst the scene, while at the same time delivering a positive message, with a unique style of technical metal combined with a driving rock.. 
FOR FANS OF: Haste The Day - Bleeding Through - As I Lay Dying 

1) The Infection of quarantine
2) Brutality and the beast pt I
3) We'll let the dice decide
4) Botulism
5) The weak shall prevail
6) Lieutenant Never
7) Beauty and the sentiment pt II
8) Diplomacy, Day 8
9) Alibi: Destroyed
10) This is ghosttown

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