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La Vieja Guardia - St MCD

MCD 2008 I Scream Records

La Vieja Guardia - St MCD

LA VIEJA GUARDIA (Spanish for ‘The Old Guard’) is not the first hardcore band to emerge from the city of Miami, a city with a long and distinguished list of bands in the genre dating back to the late 80’s. They are the first hardcore band to emerge from this city with a true cultural expression of the Miami scene. The LVG have set themselves apart as such by fusing together the finer points of furious 90’s style hardcore with the lyrical point of view of the Miami Cuban. The gratuitous use of the ever so colorful Cuban Lexicon gives this band’s music a distinct feel amongst the rest of the Latin bands in the genre. Conceptually the band make connections between hardcore music’s unwritten codes of ethics and old world Hispanic values. The lyrics teeter on the brink between the philosophical and the utterly brutal while keeping it streetwise with heavy use of cult Cuban street lingo, which is famous among the Spanish peoples.

Boasting members of Guajiro, Mehkago NT, Car Bomb Theory, Slapshot and The Vandals, each of the members of La Vieja Guardia have come together to bust out five jams of hardcore en espanol, with a sound comparable to the likes of Sick Of it All, Madball, Cro Mags, Judge and Bad Brains.

1. Pa La Calle 
2. Entre Hermanos 
3. Moyugba Ache
4. Hialeah Deathstomp 
5. Descarga Violenta

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