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Lavatch - Polygraph CD [Digipack]

CD 2009 Digipack

Lavatch - Polygraph CD  [Digipack]

Lavatch,(from Cologne, Germany), together since 2005, is not about following any trends or fitting in patterns. They play fast, energetic hardcore paired with sludgy, steamroller like southern rock. In a good mixture, like in your favorite drink, but with a hell lot of hot sauce that will burn your throat after you enjoyed that juice. We don’t claim to be telling you what you are, when you listen to us. This is just 5 dudes, doing the best they can do: Playing the shit out of their gear. 

1. Polygraph
2. Pass the buck
3. I backed the wrong horse
4. On an empty stomach
5. Rough on remote-control
6. Bigotry on incense
7. Collapse // Elapse
8. Elegy
9. Fastest lap trophy
10. Lies, lies, lies and MacGyver
11. Crime scene nursery

+ Bonus: "Polygraph" Musicvideo

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