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Lavotchkin - Crocus split MCD [DIGIPACK]


Lavotchkin - Crocus split  MCD [DIGIPACK]

Two of the most promising newcomers in the UK hardcore scene come together to produce a split EP that melds melody with untamed imagination. With creating an intense and untamed music, combining raging guitar parts, distinguished vocals and genuine originality, LAVOTCHKIN are making their mark and shaping a metallic hardcore sound of the highest order, that should appeal to those who are into bands like CURSED, THE SECRET and BOTCH. The Cornish four piece CROCUS however plays chaotic hardcore in the vein of ORCHID, RAEIN and ARTIMUS PYLE. A blend of melody within madness, but not for the sake of it. With ethics and values as important to the band members as the sound itself, they are all about honest expression, self-exploration and integrity. If you like speedy, hard-hitting hardcore then this split EP will be right up your ally.

01 | Lavotchkin: You Were Dawn
02 | Lavotchkin: Abandon
03 | Lavotchkin: Clouds
04 | Crocus: A Spiritual Polemic
05 | Crocus: Ignorance We Swallow
06 | Crocus: Fear Of Water

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