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Lazare - Our Codes CD

CD 2011

Lazare - Our Codes CD

For many years, French Hardcore has been well known for it's typical outstanding sound. LAZARE from Rouen are exactly one of those french bands who hold on to the old tradition. 
This 6 piece plays hardcore in the vein of bands like Providence, King of Clubz, CDC and Six Ft Ditch. 
Guest vocals by Peachey (Six Ft Ditch) and Djamhell (Providence) !!! 

1. Intro 
2. We need a break 
3. The western syndrome 
4. Real becomes fake 
5. Mode killjoy 
6. Who is the beast? 
7. The world slipping out 
8. Its getting worse 
9. Smile you´re dead 
10. outro

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