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Liar - Deathrow Earth CD

CD 1999

Liar - Deathrow Earth CD

'Deathrow Earth' is Liar's third full length offering, and boy, have these guys reached perfection !!! Europe's premier Technical Death Metal / Edgemetal outfit are back with a strong Straight Edge message over the most perfectioned Metal Tunes to ever grace your ears. Having earned support and adoration from many real metal heads, including such famous figures as Kreator's Mille and the Slayer guys, LIAR's future lays wide open. Also within the hardcore scene this band is popular as fuck and does its best to play a lot of shows, which are mostely crazy as hell. 

1. NME 
2. Deathrow Earth
3. Heavenshore
4. Soulreaper
5. Aim for total destruction
6. Trip through serenity
7. Contamination
8. The Serpent
9. 4th world
10. Kali Yuga
11. Leech

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