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Mark Lind - Death Or Jail CD

CD 2006

Mark Lind - Death Or Jail CD

Mark Lind has spent the last 10 years of his creative life telling the truth. As the creative force behind Boston's Ducky Boys, it would seem that he swore an oath not only to his fans but to himself to be as up front about not only the way he feels but what life does to us all at one time or another. Songs with themes ranging from loyalty and friendship to pain, heart ache and loneliness, Lind never pulls any punches and always tells the hardest truths.

1. Times Forgotten 
2. No Future (Death Or Jail) 
3. Better Days 
4. The Lonely People 
5. Too Much 
6. Sadly Beautiful
7. Damageproof 
8. For Frank 
9. Whatever Road 
10. Love Song 
11. Jealousy

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