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Maximum Penalty - Life & Times CD

CD 2009

Maximum Penalty - Life & Times CD

In 1986, at the height of the hardcore movement in New York City, the underground scene gave birth to one of the most original hybrids of hardcore. After over a decade, Maximum Penalty has had seven releases on labels varying from Blackout Records to I Scream/Roadrunner Records, have toured the US and Europe, taken hiatus and have now returned with a vengeance. October 2009 will bring the fruits of a seed first planted in 1986 and since then been cultivated by many different hands.

1. Life & Times 
2. Paper Bullets 
3. Fight My Way Back 
4. ...And The Walls 
5. Threat Assessment 
6. By All Means 
7. Tribulations 
8. Those Condemned
9. Myself 
10. What Goes Around 
11. Truth & Consequence 
12. Realize 
13. Middle Of Nowhere 
14. As You Were Before (CD only bonus track) 
15. If I Fall

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