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Mouthpiece - Cant Kill What's Inside Discography CD

CD 2009 Revelation Records REV147

Mouthpiece - Cant Kill What's Inside Discography CD

While many of the early eighties pioneers of hardcore had moved along, the scene went through something of a renaissance with a new crop of energetic kids who had seized the power of the music and molded it into something that was relevant to the style of their times. Fast forward to 2008 and the inspiration for Mouthpiece's formation comes full circle with the release of "Can't Kill What's Inside: The Complete Discography" on Revelation Records. The CD contains three additional previously unreleased live tracks not available on the vinyl version and an enhanced portion which includes a 13 song live set recorded live at CBGBs as well as a video for the song "Cinder."

1. To The Side 
2. With This Regret 
3. Face Tomorrow 
4. Cinder 
5. Left Of You 
6. What Remains 
7. Nothing There 
8. What Was Said 
9. Hold Back 
10. Column 
11. Again 
12. Gauge
13. Abandon 
14. Strip The Threads 
15. Open Up 
16. Abandon 
17. Can We Win 
18. Still 
19. Distracted 
20. Frame 
21. Hold Back 
22. Never Enough (live) (CD only bonus track/previously unreleased) 
23. Stick To It (live) (CD only bonus track/previously unreleased) 
24. Massive Outro (live) (CD only bonus track/previously unreleased)

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