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Onfall - Through these days of steel CD

CD 2006

Onfall - Through these days of steel CD

Onfall is influenced by bands like Arkangel, Reprisal and Point Of No Return, the sound of Onfall developed into SXE metal/moshcore. Onfall is an old band, they are around since 1994. In 2000 Onfall recorded a 3 way split CD/7inch together with "Comin' Correct" and "Cain" with guest vocals by Chè from "Born From Pain". 

1) Contamination
2) Uprising
3) This Dying World
4) Through these days of steel
5) A Lifetime of commitment
6) Obedience and suffering
7) Live alone die alone
8) Alone in a crowd
9) another day passed by

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