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Palehorse - Soft As Butter; Hard As Ice CD

CD 2011

Palehorse - Soft As Butter; Hard As Ice CD

This is the new full-length from London's heaviest: Palehorse. Seven years on from their monstrous 5KKKKK debut, "Gee, That Ain't Swell," Palehorse finally emerge to reclaim their throne with this much anticipated second full-length album. Wavering vocal melodies and flirtations with electronic decomposition fracture the reductive comparisons to Iron Monkey and Burning Witch that often orbit this set-up of drums, dual bass players and vocalists; a beautifully bleak and brutally barbed return for these infamous sludge-mongers.

1. Skip To The End 
2. South London, Where Dreams Are Allowed To Breathe 
3. Shit Columbo 
4. I Wish We Could Go Back And Do All This Again 
5. Probably Won't Do That Live
6. Don't Come Knocking When I'm Listening To Dokken 
7. Challenge Hanukkah 
8. Fill Your Ears With Wax 
9. How To Avoid Huge Riffs 
10. Morbid Angel Delight

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