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Pilgrimz - Boar Riders CD

CD 2008

Pilgrimz - Boar Riders CD

Pilgrimz plays an infectious mixture of rock ‘n’ roll, metal and hardcore, this shit rocks!
Think of the tight metal of Hatesphere, the rocking vibe of Peter Pan Speedrock and hardcore in the vein of Barcode. Every song sounds different and there are even different song parts played in different styles. The magic word that sums it all up is energy. And lots of it.

1) Jimmy’s Castle
2) Shake-A-Feather 
3) Boar Riders 
4) The Flick 
5) Drama King & Drama Queen 
6) King Or A Fool 
7) Prima Donnie 
8) Paramount 
9) The Caravan Was Only Bait 
10) The Artillery

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