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Reborn To Conquer - Full Court Press CD

CD 2008

Reborn To Conquer - Full Court Press CD

REBORN TO CONQUER one of the most hated bands from Berlin City Germany!!!
RTC coming here with their DEBUT CD "FULL COURT PRESS" and this shit is a punch in your face!!!
Brutal Beatdown Hardcore fuck ya head!!!
Guestvocals by: Dave (Fallbrawl), Nico (Party With Bitches) & Schütte (ex-Wrath of Sanity)
For Fans Of: Knock Em' Dead, Shattered Realm, Swear 2 God

01. F.B.K.
02. Blood On Your Hands
03. Stabbed Down (feat. Dave / Fallbrawl)
04. John Doe
05. Dirty Sanches
06. Sonz Of Nemesis (feat. Schütte / ex-WOS)
07. Outbreak
08. First Hit Is Mine

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