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Repentance - The Sickness Of Eden CD

CD 2015 Goodlife Recordings GL131

Repentance - The Sickness Of Eden CD

Starting from a tried and tested 90´s metallic Hardcore template, pulling a heap of Thrash influences in to the mix and using the preachings of Sir Karl of EARTH CRISIS as a jumping off point, xREPENTANCEx have created a raging 8 track manifesto whose message is simple: Mankind, who has ravaged this earth of its natural goodness, have had their day in the sun and deserve to be wiped out. A must- have for everybody into 90´s XveganX Edge Metal like FROM THE DYING SKY, UNBORN, REPRISAL, ARKANGEL and DAY OF SUFFERING.

1. Through Eyes Unclouded
2. Children of Cain
3. Knowing
4. Sleep Paralysis
5. Dominion's End
6. Culpable Genocide
7. The Price of Progression
8. The Divine Right of Tyrants

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