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Sai Nam - Crush CD Digipack

CD Digipack 2012 Reaper Records RR50

Sai Nam - Crush CD Digipack

Right from the start, Sai Nam was firing on all cylinders. From Dijan's heavy rock-esque riffage to Tripp's rapid fire vocal delivery, to Medina's thunderous/chaotic drumming, to Baltulonis' colorful production, and some bass work, "Crush" promises to deliver the goods in stylish fashion. With their debut full-length in tow, Sai Nam is ready to hit the road and play shows across the globe, bridging the gap between two generations of hardcore music.

1.          Live Fast
2.          Crush
3.          At The Mercy Of A Wicked World
4.          Left Behind
5.          Heathenize
6.          The Escapist
7.          Picked Clean
8.          Comeback
9.          Eternal Love
10.          Take You Down

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