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Settle The Score - Back To The Streets CD

CD 2008

Settle The Score - Back To The Streets CD

Finally one of Germany´s leading and popably most heavyweight Hardcore bands is back on track with their selfreleased third full-length. And again S.T.S. deliver high-quality, no-nonsense straight in ya face NYC styled Hardcore. Plain and simple with plenty of singalongs, 2-step parts and mosh breakdowns all coming up in an awesome production. Kids into MADBALL, DEATH B4 DISHONOR, EVERYBODY GETS HURT and DEATH THREAT will dig it. 

01. Welcome To My Crew
02. Misery
03. Deep Inside
04. Back To The Streets
05. Fight Back
06. Count On Us
07. N.F.B.
08. Losing Your Face
09. Broken Wings
10. Wasting Away
11. Side By Side
12. Stand And Fight
13. Family

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