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Shall Remain - Back From The Path MCD

MCD 2009

Shall Remain - Back From The Path MCD

Conceived in 2007 and Hailing from Clermont Fd (France), SHALL REMAIN produce direct and energetic hardcore just like their influences (Death Before Dishonor, Betrayal, Sworn Enemy, First Blood, Reign Supreme).
But Shall Remain are built for the stage !  Their shows are rich in atmosphere, highly energetic and a nearness with people which makes every show a real happening !
They moreover set fire on stage beside 8Control ( FR), Primal Age ( FR), Born From Pain ( NL), In Blood We Trust (DE), Life As War (CH),  l'Esprit du Clan (FR), Adept (SWE), August Burns Red (US) and many more !. 
2012 is The year of SHALL REMAIN's return ! The band find it's definitive line up with a new drummer and Arno (ex- Fat Ass) on vocals.
This is their MCD from 2009.

1) Sorry But....
2) It's Not the End
3) Beg Forgiveness
4) No Remorse
5) This Is My Pledge
6) The Price You Pay

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