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Sick Of It All - Based On A True Story CD ltd edition

CD/DVD 2010

Sick Of It All - Based On A True Story CD ltd edition

As one of the longest standing bands still proudly waving the flag of New York hardcore, Sick Of It All has made their mark as one of the cornerstones of NYHC, proving that heart, hard work and dedication is about more than just the music and an image, it's a way of life. The band's real life dogma and hunger for excellence as a hardcore band have truly been ideals that fans from all corners of the globe passionately admire and identify with. With "Based On A True Story," the band pulls no punches and shows clearly why they are the definition of "hardcore." 

This deluxe edition includes a bonus DVD featuring live footage from NYC and London, and an on tour segment with the band.

1. Death or jail  
2. The divide  
3. Dominated  
4. A month of Sundays  
5. Braveheart  
6. Bent outta shape  
7. Lowest common denominator  
8. Good cop  
9. Lifeline  
10. Match it burn 
11. Waiting for the day  
12. Long as she's standing  
13. Nobody rules  
14. Dirty money 

1. Take the night of (Live in NY) 
2. Uprising nation (Live in NY) 
3. Faithless (Live in NY) 
4. Die alone (Live in London) 
5. Faikin' the punk (Live in London) 
6. Call to arms (Live in London) 

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