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Sick Of It All - Live In A Dive CD

CD 2002

Sick Of It All - Live In A Dive CD

The third installment in Fat Records series of live records, this showcases Sick Of It All doing what they do best; pummeling a rabid audience with all their hardcore hits. Enhanced video features and cool comic book artwork round out the CD, while the vinyl version features the bonus track "Bullshit Justice".

1: Good Lookin’ Out 
2: Call To Arms 
3: Blown Away 
4: Built To Last 
5: Just Look Around 
6: Let Go 
7: Us Vs. Them 
8: The Bland Within 
9: Disco Sucks Fuck Everything 
10: Injustice System 
11: Potential For A Fall 
12: Scratch The Surface 
13: America 
14: Straight Ahead 
15: Rat Pack 
16: Sanctuary 
17: My Life 
18: Busted 
19: Maladjusted 
20: Goatless 
21: Friends Like You 
22: Clobberin’ Time 
23: Step Down

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