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Terror - Lowest of the Low CD [re-release]

CD 2005 Roadrunner Records RR8139-2

Terror - Lowest of the Low CD [re-release]

"Lowest Of The Low" is the classic debut record from Los Angeles, CA's finest - complete with unreleased material. With a Dag Nasty cover, a full live set from Tokyo, Japan and all new artwork, these 22 tracks mark the beginning of Terror.

1. Better Off Without You 
2. Don't Need Your Help 
3. Nothing To Me 
4. Keep Your Distance 
5. Another Face 
6. Push It Away 
7. Life And Death 
8. What Have We Done 
9. Lowest Of The Low 
10. Can I Say (bonus track) 
11. Out Of My Face (bonus track)
12. Nothing To Lose (bonus track) 
13. Better Off Without You (live) (bonus track) 
14. Don't Need Your Help (live) (bonus track) 
15. Life And Death (live) (bonus track) 
16. What Have We Done (live) (bonus track) 
17. Another Face (live) (bonus track) 
18. Push It Away (live) (bonus track) 
19. Nothing To Lose (live) (bonus track) 
20. Nothing To Me (live) (bonus track) 
21. Lowest Of The Low (live) (bonus track) 
22. Keep Your Distance (live) (bonus track

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