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The Wednesday Night Heroes - St CD

CD 2001 Longshot Music LSCD08R

The Wednesday Night Heroes - St CD

Wednesday Night Heroes were a Canadian punk rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, fronted by Graeme MacKinnon. The band released three albums and toured extensively in Canada and the United States.
The band was formed in 1997 in Edmonton. They released their first demo in September 1997, which included six songs. In July 2001, they released their first full-length album, which was self-titled.
WNH songs can be found on punk compilations such as Rockin' the Streets Vol. 2, Mayday Records comp, and Punx Unite Vol. 3, and Oi! Let's go Canada.
The Heroes stopped performing in 2009,but got together for a final show on January 25 2014 in Edmonton.

Hated 'N' Proud 
General Strike 
We Will Not Be Pushed Aside 
Bad Apples (Rotten To The Core) 
We All Go 
Don't Tread On Me 
Turn Our Backs 
Live Fast, Die Young 
Nuthin' But Trouble 
Nazi Girlfriend 
Our Common Struggle 
Together, United And Strong 
My Way For The Highway 

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