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Walls Of Jerricho - The American Dream CD

CD 2008 Trustkill Records TK118

Walls Of Jerricho - The American Dream CD

"The American Dream" is the new full-length by Walls Of Jericho produced by Ben Schiegel (Chimaira, Zao, Ringworm). The music definitely follows the mesh of metallic venom and concrete fury of hardcore/punk the band is known for. For fans of Hatebreed, Unearth and Throwdown. 

1. The New Ministry 
2. II The Prey 
3. The American Dream 
4. Feeding Frenzy 
5. I The Hunter 
6. Famous Last Words
7. A Long Walk Home 
8. III Shock Of The Century 
9. Discovery Of Jones 
10. Standing On Paper Stilts 
11. Night Of A Thousand Torches 
12. The Slaughter Begins

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